Old News

July 14th 2013 Added Crystal, GV, Major and Winter!
March 15th 2013 Added Rizzo!
March 10th 2013 Better website navigation!
March 9th 2013 Addie, George and Leora Added
January 27th 2013 Grandma Ellie Added
December 22nd 2012 Cadet and Hubby Cubby Added
November 25th 2012 DD and Harmeyer Added
October 13th 2012 Claire, Lillian, Lucy and January Added
September 1st 2012 Laughing Bear and Dancing Bear Added (also updated memories for Misfit, Piglet and Doodles)
July 14th 2012 Doodles, Misfit and Sarge Added
June 25th 2012 January Added
June 7th 2012 Memory and Pumpkin Added
April 8th 2012 Bailey, Brother, Challenger, Grandpa Dale, Mr. Fix-It, Picasso, Smoke and (last but not least) Stroganoff Added
January 4th 2012 Happy New Year! Bosley and Yule Added
December 17th 2011 Jordi Added
October 31st 2011 Cyrus Added
October 15th 2011 Taboo Added
October 2nd 2011 Elizabeth, Joliet and Meeker Added
October 2011 Lorna available in Kregers Silent Auction
September 11th 2011 Billy, Gabby and Honey added!
August 6th 2011 Ann, Gabriel and Mary added!
July 3rd 2011 Anna, Hunchie, George and Patch added!
May 7th 2011 Treasures and Mother Love added!
April 20th 2011 Friendship added!
March 11th 2011 Kay added!
January 9th 2011 Happy New Year!
First 2011 bear (Piglet) added!
December 29nd 2010 Happy New Year!
As the new year approaches, a new color scheme for the website!
December 22nd 2010 Merry Christmas Everybody!
Added Ely, Gigi, Gramma, Meyer, Mighty Marian, Mighty Marian II and Wisconsin (Phew!)!
December 19th 2010 Added Aldo and Thurston!
November 22nd 2010 Now there is an [A - Z] of all the bears!
November 13th 2010 Adopted at Crafters Paradise 2010:
Bearcicle, Bernard, Cookie, Cracker, holly, Laguna, Pixie, Brown & White Sled Bear and White Sled Bear!
November 9th 2010 Added Grandma Love, Grandma Memories and more Sled bears!
November 1st 2010 Added Rosebud!
Auguest 16th 2010 Added Chloe!
July 31st 2010 Added Bobbin, Standing Moon Bear and Dark Brown Sled Bear to website!
June 25th 2010 Added Binx, Ocean and Pixie to website!
May 30th 2010 Added Anika and the Sled Bears to website!
April 25th 2010 Added Delilah and Solace to website!
April 10th 2010 Added Eagle to website!
March 21st 2010 Added Lt. Burson and Lt. Douglas to website!
February 27th 2010 Added Bunny and Smudge to website!
February 20th 2010 Added Della to website!
January 10th 2010 Happy New Year! Added Eneeda and Dolores to website!
December 17th 2009 Added Eppy, EJ, Everitt and Jumble to website, Nilla up for adoption!. Merry Christmas!!
October 26th 2009 Updated the Snow bears page with more!
October 4th 2009 Added Hope to website!
September 6th 2009 Added Laguna to website - Happy Labor Day!
September 4th 2009 Added Captain, Cranbeary and the Snow bears to website!
August 7th 2009 Added Eternity to website!
July 25th 2009 Added Sage and Hyacinth to website!
June 28th 2009 Added Cracker, Sparrow and Milo to website!
April 10th 2009 Added Farley, Al, Clarence and Lambert to website!
February 21st 2009 Added Precious to website!
February 15th 2009 Added Tallulah and Cozi to website!
January 17th 2009 Added Joy to website, Chantilly adopted!
December 27th 2008 Added Grace and Bravery to website!
December 16th 2008 Added Maxine, Karina and Clovis to website!
November 30th 2008 Added Jodi Rae to website!
November 19th 2008 Bosco, Chloe, Chumley, Cupcake, Matrix, Mocha, Pickle and Zoom have all been adopted!!
October 19th 2008 (and September??) Added to website: Cookie, Cupcake, Raisin and Snowflake!
August 10th 2008 (What happened to July??) Added to website: Sebastian, Caleb, Chloe, Roland, Zoom, Yugo and (last but not least) Breeze!
June 23rd 2008 Added Keeper and Jim to website
June 11th 2008 Added Camille and Melody to website
June 10th 2008 Added Aidan to website
May 22nd 2008 Added Matrix and Mocha to website
April 20th 2008 Added Beatrice, Laurel and Tabitha and Patrice to website
Mugsley and Eliza available for adoption
April 8th 2008 Added Sunny to website
March 29th 2008 Added Perry to website
March 22nd 2008 Added Lena and Jonesy to website
March 1st 2008 Added Audrey, Celeste and Pu II to website
February 15th 2008 Added Abner and Tuxedo to website
February 3rd 2008 Added Spangle and Roxie to website
January 13th 2008 Added Chantilly, Crystal, Lorna, Marcella, Rosie, Spot and Dot
December 29th 2007 Added P'u, updated several others.
November 18th 2007 Added Bosco, Casper, Harvey, Nilla and Tinker to the website!
November 3rd 2007 What a great show 'Harvest of the Hands Craft Fair' was!
Look around to see if one of your favourite bears was adopted!
1st September 2007 Elton, Freckles, Hazel, Majesty and Olive added to website.
Velvet Star Bears to be on sale at the Harvest of the Hands Craft Fair.
(Community United Methodist Church, 20 Center Ave, Naperville)
29th July 2007 Coco, Walter, Marley and Pickle added to website.
4th July 2007 Happy Independence Day! Bernard, Eliza, Huckle Beary, Nemo and Mugsley added to website.
27th May 2007 Chester, Clarice, Ginger and Razzle Beary added to website.
26th April 2007 Chumley, Gus, Faith and Sweet Pea added to website.
17th April 2007 Ripley added to website and available for adoption.
2nd March 2007 Carmine, Peaches and Mitzi added to website and available for adoption.
20th January 2007 Crumpet added to website and available for adoption.
8th January 2007 Hunter and Greta added to website. Happy New Year!
25th December 2006 Ben and Ivan adopted by Jev and Dave!
3rd December 2006 Emmit, Vi and Ola added to the website. Emmit available for adoption!
4nd November 2006 Bailey, Bimini, Bumble, Cashew, Glory, Huey, Levi, Muffin and Sigmund all adopted at the Harvest of the Hands Craft Fair!
2nd November 2006 Added Levi to website, and available for adoption!
22nd October 2006
Bailey, Bimini and Bumble made available for adoption!
Muffin, Ivan and Tootie added to website!

30th September 2006 Glory added to website, and available for adoption!
25th August 2006 Trixi adopted by Adrienne M!
24th August 2006 Bumble added to website!
8th August 2006 - Oscar and Truffle added to website! Oscar is available for adoption!
28th July 2006 - Beardolino, CabBearNet and Buttons added to website!
9th July 2006 - Bimini added to website!
14th May 2006 - Skippy added to website, and available for adoption!
30th April 2006 - Calico and Trixi added to website, and available for adoption!
27th March 2006 - Moon Dance added to website!
26th March 2006 - Bailey added to website!
5th March 2006 - Abby added to website and available for adoption!
25th February 2006 - Cashew and Grandpabear added to website... Cashew is available for adoption!
17th February 2006 - Honey, Dodie and Cuddles adopted! (Cassandra M, Adrienne M, Diane B!)
14th February 2006 - Boomer adopted for Valentines day! For June S.
4th February 2006 - Dallas, Odessa and Sigmund put on the website. Annie adopted by Michelle M! Honey adoption started!
29th January 2006 - Barnum and Yuri put on the website. Yuri was adopted by Kelley N!
2nd January 2006 - Ben and Blarney put up for adoption, Bella added to webpage!
29th December 2005 - Nutmeg and Yeti adopted by Brian!
15th December 2005 - Honey, Petunia and Huey put up for adoption.
8th December 2005 - Elfin adopted by Kelley!

For more information about Velvet Star Bears, send email to Diane "The Velvet Star Bear Maker".

Velvet Star Bears handmade by Diane