Jointed Teddy Bear Pricing

Size of BearType of Bear
Jointed/FabricJointed/FurPillow Bear
6-9 inches tall/long$30
10-13 inches tall/long$35$40$30
14-16 inches tall/long$40$45$35
17-19 inches tall/long$45 and up$50$40
20+ inches tall/long$50 and up$55 and up$45 and up

Customer provides fabric.
Basic costumes (hat, dress, vest, romper, overalls) are an additional $5.
Shipping and handling (for my non-local customers) is also paid the customer.


Obviously, the preferred fabric for a teddy is fur or plush, although I am able to work with most fabrics. Vintage and thin fabrics will be lined as needed. Very thin stretchy fabrics are not appropriate. I have made bears from vintage furs (seal, mink, beaver, synthetic), wedding gowns, evening gowns, sweaters and military uniforms.

Some vintage and other fragile fabrics are not durable enough for an embroidered nose. In those cases, I attach a pre-formed nose.


I require 2 weeks to make a bear. I work on a first come, first serve basis - email me for current availability

Before Your Teddy Bear Can Be Made

  1. What type of bear do you prefer? It is best to look at my web page and tell me the names of the bears you like. I will choose the pattern for your bear based on your preferences.
  2. What size of bear do you want? It is not possible to make small bears from heavy fabrics or dense furs. It is fine to tell me you would like as large as bear as possible from the provided fabric. For example, mink stoles typically yield a 12-14 inch bear.
  3. What would like the paw pads made from? Some customers provide another fabric, or we can choose something from my supplies. For fur bears, I usually use the lining from the stole or coat to make the paw pads. Old gloves make excellent paw pads.

Other Information

I name all of my teddy bears and document them on my web page. I enjoy hearing the `story' of the provided fabric and this helps me choose a name. Of course, you are welcome to name the bear.

There is always a risk in working with provided fabrics. It hasn't happened yet, but there is always a possibility I will encounter a problem which prevent me from completing a bear. If this happens, I will work with you on an alternative solution.

Handmade By Diane Barrowman